No, no, no!

Have you ever negotiated with someone who always said no, no, no? These folks don’t seem to be open to any position but their own.  They demand, but they don’t give. They insist, interrupt and interject.
As a result, you end up being frustrated and either walk away when you shouldn’t or give more than you actually want to.  How should you handle these difficult people?  (more…)

The Hard Stuff is the Soft Stuff

The old ways of doing business through power, hierarchy and individualism are no longer working and have been replace by the values of partnership, relationship and organizational learning. It is easy to understand why the  ability to foster openness, dialogue and understanding is a competitive advantage today. It not only makes good business sense but it impacts all the learning that goes on in the organization. Let’s take a look at these three concepts in more depth. (more…)